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How it all started.. 



Simona Zivkovska is a UK based British Actress. She is mixed of 2 heritages; Macedonian, & West Indian, St Marteen (SXM). Simona was born in Skopje, Republic of Macedonia (FYROM), former Yugoslavia and moved to the UK during her early childhood years in 2001.


Simona landed her first TV job at 17 years old in early 2012. She played the lead female in BBC's critically acclaimed drama 'My Murder' (Directed by Bruce Goodison) alongside John Boyega and Malachi Kirby. Shortly after this, Simona signed with Identity Agency Group (IAG), and since then has starred in many TV shows and feature films such as, MARVEL's Black Widow, BBC ONE’s 33 year running British Soap Casualty, SKY’s well known TV series Devils, Holby City, Doctors & many more short films & theatre productions during her career and continues to impress with her dynamic & versatile portrayal of characters in all of her performances.


IAG is based in both London, UK & Los Angeles, US and is one of England’s leading Talent Agencies. Working in TV/Film and Theatre. Some of their successes include the likes of John Boyega, Malachi Kirby, Melanie Liburd, Letitia Wright & Damson Idris to name a few. 


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Did you know..

Fun fact:

Aside from growing up speaking British English, Simona speaks 3 other languages! These include; Macedonian, Serbian, & Croatian. 

Creative outlet:

Alongside pretending and telling stories, Simona is passionately devoted to writing poetry and spoken word pieces about uncomfortable taboo topics, raising awareness, empowering her community and encouraging self-love & kind behaviour.

Eye on the camera:

Simona’s passion for acting doesn’t end in front of the camera when the director says “CUT”. She was so determined to get more experience and excel in her craft that in 2018, Simona enrolled at the MET Film School in London where she studied Filmmaking. This is where she fell in love with the art of the logistics and attention to details that go hand in hand behind the lens as she gained knowledge on Producing, Directing, Cinematography, Screenwriting, Editing, Lights & Sound and Casting. As a result, she has gone on to produce, direct and write all of her spoken word pieces and visuals.


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